An Adverse Drug Reactions resource for Drugs and Proteins
Adverse Drug Reactions(ADRs) are one of the most common cause of death worldwide. Numerous incidents are reported every year, ADRs affecting community people. ADRs mainly occurs due to the interaction of the drug with single/multiple proteins present in the body. The consequence is that a given protein target binds many drugs or their metabolites, and conversely, a drugs or metabolites bind many proteins, all with similar active sites. These binding causes beneficial and unwanted effects. Similarly, after administration of the drug in the body, it may bind to the co-administered drug, food or can be converted into toxic metabolite which causes ADRs.
Here, we present, the InAADR(Interactions Associated with Adverse Drug Reactions) Database, to get access to such information to common people easily in a user-friendly interface. InAADR is a publicly available compilation of chemical-food-metabolite-protein-ADRs resources that enables the study of toxicology of a small molecule across multiple layers of complexity from molecular to clinical levels. InAADR provides protein targets of drugs, and their associated side effects. Various customizable options are available for searching information.

InAADR: Drug-Protein-ADRs database